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All Clocks Repaired Dallas Technician Restores Beautiful Antique Time Piece

When she inherited a Westminster chime clock for her grandfather, she was awed by its beauty, but disappointed because it didn’t keep good time

Dallas TX –Fred Bartholomew, owner of Promenade Clocks, takes the job seriously because grandfather clock repair is not a hobby. There are many critical things the technician needs to know to prevent doing permanent damage to an irreplaceable antique. Each moving part has its own function and just one very small missing piece will upset the time keeping process.

When a recent customer inherited a Westminster chime clock from her grandfather, she was awed by its beauty, but disappointed because it didn’t keep good time. The weights wouldn’t descend and the chimes didn’t function properly. She consulted a friend, who fixes clocks as a hobby, and he talked about weights, hour strike, hammers, strike train and trip levers. Of course she had no idea what he was talking about.

According to the local grandfather clock repair expert, this is no job for the DIY enthusiast. Fred knew exactly what her friend was talking about as he explained that the grandfather clock has many intricate moving parts that require proper installation, balancing and maintenance.

When she called Fred for clock repair service he explained that the process can be complicated and delicate, so he would prefer to work on the clock where it stands. If necessary, he would transport it to his shop, but it is always better to minimize the moving and keep it secure and level.

The local grandfather clock repair expert was pleased to discover that only a minor adjustment was needed to get it ticking and chiming perfectly! All grandfather clocks require periodic maintenance, so he carefully cleaned and lubricated the parts and the customer was thrilled. Fred receives a Christmas card from her every year with a note saying the grandfather clock is still keeping perfect time.